LYL PODCAST EPISODE 164: Growing Pains 3 – A New Medical Diagnosis (Memoir Series)

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On today’s episode of the Launch Your Life Podcast, I share how I developed a deep love of travel, a childhood illness, more stories of the House of Many Horrors, a recurring night terror, and much more.

True growth is uncovering the beliefs and stories you created as a child to make sense of perceived or real trauma. It can be tedious, painful, and meticulous work.

But bringing your rational, adult mind to the stories you create in your childhood is freeing


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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

00:00 Intro
01:55 Wanderlust as a child
03:12 Alcoholic mother
04:12 A new diagnosis
05:36 One of my fondest childhood memories
06:16 Getting my ears pierced
06:42 Medical trauma
08:10 Visiting my cousins
10:05 Using my adult brain to make sense of abuse
10:35 Night terror

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