LYL PODCAST EPISODE 021: Make The Rest Your Best with Laurie Wright

Make The Rest Your Best by Dr Michelle Gordon

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As mothers, we want to see our children grow up and lead independent lives. But at the same time, it can be very lonely once they depart. This phenomenon is called empty nest syndrome.

Women, especially full-time mothers and those undergoing menopause at the same time, typically suffer more when this happens, and the feeling of grief and loss of purpose may be more pronounced.

During the week’s podcast, we’re joined by Laurie Wright. Laurie developed a program called Make The Rest Your Best to help passionless empty nesters create their own unique heart-centred action plans and have them be ready to enter their next life chapter with renewed passion, purpose, and focus.

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Before anything else, Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(02:23) Laurie shares her midlife transformation—from being a health and fitness coach to a life coach.

(06:51) No matter what you do in life, you have to want it from the heart, not because it’s what’s going to make your parents proud, or because it’s what’s going to make your husband happy.

(11:29) Within a couple of years of promotion after promotion and reaching the vice president position in AOL, Laurie started to get anxiety attacks.

(12:11) The link between menopause and anxiety

(13:12) Misplacement and losing control

(14:21) Empty nest: Loss of identity after children move out of the house

(15:22) Misplacement in marriage, taking risks and getting back your passion in life

(21:21) There’s a field of infinite possibilities.

(24:15) Liquid courage

(27:05) Behavior change from a scientific standpoint

(28:07) The role of meditation in self-improvement

(31:49) The metaphysics in religion and why it’s vital in empowering women

(34:44) Why is having a period considered as something embarrassing?

(37:30) Beliefs shape our reality.

(38:58) Turning your passion and advocacy into revenue

(42:36) Laurie shares her coaching evolution and transformation in detail.

(44:57) Why is hiring a coach life-changing?

(49:22) You learn so much from a community with like-minded people.


The Alphabet Versus the Goddess

Furthermore, You can reach Laurie on her websites Not Your Average Grandma and Make The Rest Your Best, plus via her Facebook page. You can also connect with her on Instagram. To discover more about Beachbody, working out at home, and the Shakeology that Laurie talked about, go to

We also talked about the book “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess” which is available on Amazon.

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