LYL PODCAST EPISODE 040: Making Peace With Your Past and the Importance of Positive Affirmations with Jill Romig

Importance of Positive Affirmations by Dr Michelle Gordon

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We often deal with trauma from our past by moving on. Before we move on without doing the work to deal with our issues, our pain. But by not allowing ourselves to heal from our old wounds, we allow the pain to surface again when we get older, when our bodies change and our hormones drop, which in turn, affect our emotions and our mood.

During this episode, Jill Romig talks about the journey she took to heal herself from her past to become the best version of herself. She also shares how positive affirmations can help you reach the success you desire.

It’s never too late. If you’ve been dealing with the past coming up and preventing you from living your best life yet then tune in to this episode!


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•  Here are the books mentioned in this episode:

    •  The Untethered Soul
    •  The Four Agreements
    •  The Success Principles
    •  True Meditation

What’s Discussed In This Episode

[03:51] How did Jill get started helping women heal from their past?

[07:09] How Jill was helped by Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

[13:06] How to speak to ourselves and why that’s important

[20:55] How the book, The Four Agreements, changed her life

[26:34] Introverts and extroverts

[32:20] Reconnecting with our sexuality and dealing with trauma

[40:36] How our thoughts create our reality

[44:07] What fear is and why failure is a door to possibility

[51:09] The importance of affirmations done the right way for success

[55:12] Finding God

About the Guest :

Jill Romig is also passionate about helping women make peace with their past, step into their own, and become more comfortable and confident in their skin through her Living Boldly coaching program. At 53, she finally figured a few things out and is excited to share with women struggling with aging, fitness, nutrition, intimacy, and fashion. Despite being an accomplished CPA and a fitness instructor for 25 years, she struggled for many years over her weight, self-image, self-worth, and self-esteem.

She also made a shift in her mid-40s as she immersed herself into self-help and learned about the law of attraction, vibrations, source energy, and positive affirmations to become the best version of herself. All of what she has learned she then applied to her coaching program, Living Boldly.

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