LYL PODCAST EPISODE 027: Midlife Meaning with Fay McLean

Midlife Meaning by Dr Michelle Gordon

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Reaching midlife can be a stressful and disorienting time, especially for women experiencing menopause. As we struggle with ageing, we tend to feel restless, and we start losing our sense of purpose. Coping with the discontentment and challenges present in midlife exhaust our energy and productivity. What can we do to find meaning in our lives in this vulnerable period?

In today’s podcast, we’re joined by Fay McLean. Since she was in her early 20s, Fay has founded several successful enterprises before moving to the executive management of a multimillion-dollar business. She is one of 55 entrepreneurial women from all over the world as a contributing author to the “Law of Attraction and Action: Volume 3”, she has also shared the virtual stage with the amazing Bob Proctor. Also, she has qualifications as a master results coach and a certification in neurolinguistic programming and business performance.

Make sure that you tune in to this episode as we discuss NLP, the importance of journaling and meditation, the power of our subconscious minds, how important passion is in running a business, and how our beliefs shape our reality. Find your midlife meaning today!

Before anything else, Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(3:15) The skills of a neurolinguistic programming (NLP) practitioner

(6:40) Being in the midlife range

(8:05) Helping people reconnect with their inner child through journaling, meditation, and visualization

(8:58) How journaling resolves identity crises

(10:28) Miracle Morning SAVERS: silence, affirmation, visualization, reading, scribing

(12:36) Meditation is what it is for you; anything that gets you in an entrancing, calming state is a form of meditation

(18:02) No work, no game. If you want something different than what you currently have, you need to be prepared to do something around that.

(18:50) Being an entrepreneur: If you’re in business, you’re generally providing a solution.

(21:56) Why is competition vital in business?

(25:38) Fay’s tips for women who want to start a business: Know what you’re passionate about and what is there a market for.

(29:09) What work is worth it? When is the time to give back and help other people?

(32:49) Revisit your passion. Don’t end up with a business that is just sucking and dragging you down.

(35:44) Reassess what you want to be doing. Don’t get stuck in a job waiting for your retirement when you’re only 45.

(38:50) The power of developing a spiritual practice

(40:51) Finding meaning in midlife is a process, and everybody’s story is different

(41:45) Look at how your beliefs are serving you

(45:31) If you’re not feeling too good about yourself, there is always hope on the other side of it

Connect with Fay on her Facebook page and website. Then, Watch for the launch of their new website, The Midlife Itch.

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Lastly, I hope this episode became a motivation and inspiration for you to discover your midlife meaning. Thanks a lot for tuning in!

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