LYL PODCAST EPISODE 026: Pelvic Floor and Core With Erica Ziel

Pelvic Floor and Core by Dr Michelle Gordon

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Our core is the entire support system of our body. It surrounds our spine and pelvis and connects our upper and lower body. It plays a huge part in our daily activities, which is why it is crucial to strengthen it. You can achieve core strength by knowing proper breathing techniques and having the right mindset.

This week, we are joined by Erica Ziel. Erica is the founder of Core Athletica and Knocked-Up Fitness. She is also a sought-after expert in fitness-infused Pilates, fascial training, core, and pre/postnatal exercises. Her mission is to help women feel their absolute best throughout every stage of womanhood. Erica has been featured in and has contributed to several publications such as The New York Times,, Pilates Style Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, and Fit Pregnancy, to name a few.

In addition, If you want to learn more about holistic healing and the use of proper breathing and meditation in addressing body issues, check out this podcast!

Before anything else, Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(3:45) Erica’s journey from fitness to wellness

(6:42) Pelvic floor dysfunction

(9:42) Giggle incontinence and the pelvic floor

(12:42) Activating your pelvic floor

(14:35) How an activated pelvic floor can also benefit men

(15:28) The core and its essential parts

(17:33) Pain as a symptom

(18:04) The fascial system

(23:52) Reconnecting our body through breathing

(30:35) Meditation, visualization, and healing

(34:48) Radical responsibility for our own body

(36:53) Activating the pelvic floor through proper breathing (especially for those women who just gave birth and those undergoing menopause

(41:10) Effects of overactivation

(41:45) Importance of having the correct posture

(43:52) Erica demonstrates Movement One exercise

(49:18) Negative self-talk should only be limited to awareness

(51:28) Reframing our thinking and perspective

Furthermore, I hope you learned a lot about core dysfunction and how you can address it through a powerful breathing exercise. After that, With what you’ve learned today, you can now envision and work on a healthy mind and body!

Also, To access Erica’s DVDs, workouts, and ebooks, visit her online store.

You may also visit her website, Restore Your Body Through Movement, to check her programs.

In addition, Tune in to her podcast The Core Connections for more insights about health and wellness.

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