LYL PODCAST EPISODE 041: Recognizing and Managing Emotional Triggers In This Unprecedented Time of Isolation with Deirdre Fay

Managing Emotional Triggers by Dr Michelle Gordon

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Physical distancing has become the norm around the world as we deal with an unparalleled crisis. In fact, Many of us stuck at home may feel anxiety and fear for the uncertain future ahead of us. Our emotions can take over making it harder for us to cope, while others shut down completely.

But rather than let our emotions flood our mind and affect our well-being, we have the power to act.

In this episode, Deirdre Fay and I talk about managing our emotions during the current pandemic and recognizing and reframing our triggers. This crisis has rocked the already troubled American healthcare system, so we need to step up and help our frontliners. Deirdre and I also discuss the role belief plays in reaching our potential and guides us through her waterfall breath to relieve stress.

In addition, We will overcome this crisis. Also if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or haven’t felt anything at all, tune in and hopefully, you’ll find the help that you need in this episode!


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What’s Discussed In This Episode

[04:00] Coping strategies for people stuck at home

[06:24] How to avoid your triggers while in isolation

[10:08] How to catch yourself from being triggered and your trigger states

[14:15] The problem with the American healthcare system

[19:22] Going into the steady state

[22:25] How you can help the frontliners

[27:23] Helping women stuck in abusive relationships

[29:35] The role of belief in shaping your life

[33:56] The definition of adulting

[37:02] The waterfall breath exercise

About the Guest

Deirdre Fay is a licensed clinical social worker and author of two books, while currently working on her third one. In fact, She lived in a yoga ashram for six and a half years learning meditation and body presence. In addition, She has spent 35 years working with individuals and groups helping them form solid, secure, and satisfying relationships with themselves and others.

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Thank you for tuning in!

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and lastly I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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