LYL PODCAST EPISODE 023: Sharon’s Menopause Journey and The MENO System

Sharon’s Menopause Journey by Dr Michelle Gordon

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Today we’re taking a closer look at the Menopause Movement program through the insights of our community members and what they’ve achieved since joining the program. If you’re in a similar situation as they were when they started, are you willing to invest in your future happiness and peace of mind? If you feel desperate but are unsure of what to do, are you ready to take that leap of faith?

This week, we’re joined by our community member Sharon Langshaw. Sharon has a blog called “The Menopause Effect” that aims to help women in their menopause years. She is also a recovery coach for families who have a loved one suffering from addiction, and she works with other people in that recovery space as well.

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Before anything else, Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(02:10) Sharon talks about the most significant trepidation before enrolling in the program

(06:00) Looking at the figures

(07:14) Module one: Realizing that you don’t need a PhD to know what’s going on in your body

(10:52) A change in diet and taking supplements produced gradual results in her body

(16:18) The positive ageing movement

(18:54) Freedom and peace of mind

(21:05) Scepticisms before enrolling in the program

(23:09) Money spent on HRT, bioidenticals, and supplements

(25:42) The convenience of being able to go back and forth flexibly through each program material

(30:44) She started doing more

(33:19) The whole idea is to start talking about it more

(35:06) When you make changes in your life, you need to be consistent.

(40:00) A firsthand insight to anyone who’s considering getting into the program

(44:05) Amanda’s story

You can reach Sharon on The Menopause Effect and their Facebook page. You can also connect more with her on her personal Facebook page: Sharon Langshaw.

There is help for you, join The Menopause Movement today. I want to help you transcend your symptoms and live your best life. To discover how you can become a part of this life-changing community, feel free to share your thoughts and questions with me at

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