LYL PODCAST EPISODE 036: Supplementation for Menopause Part 1 with Dr. Sharzad Green!

Supplementation for Menopause by Dr Michelle Gordon

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There are so many supplements out there right now ready for any kind of needs that we have. But which supplements are good for us and which are not? What are the do’s and don’ts so we can fully take advantage of the benefits to ease our menopause symptoms?

Supplements are good especially if you know what kind you really need and have an idea of how to properly use them. For those of us who are going through so many changes all at once, it is important that we are sure what these supplements do to our body. Dr. Sharzad Green will help us understand.

During this episode, Dr. Green and I talk about supplements, progesterone, calcium, skincare and a whole lot more. If you’ve been looking for supplement advice, this episode will surely be helpful to you!


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What’s Discussed In This Episode:

[03:35] How I felt after cutting my hair short?

[06:42] Why a vibrant sex life affects women?

[07:01] Why having a relationship with yourself is ok?

[09:36] Why childbirth is all about women?

[12:14] Why supplements can be overwhelming?

[16:39] How supplements help women?

[17:18] Why you should talk to an expert and not Dr. Google or Wikipedia?

[21:51] How important it is to seek expert advice?

[26:43] Why we do it with the best intentions.

[27:18] What are the common things that women use?

[30:10] What are the symptoms of too much progesterone?

[30:55] Why women experience insomnia?

[34:10] Why do we feel like we have memory loss?

[38:47] How important calcium is?

[47:29] What can do for our skin?

[55:48] What brand should we look for?

About the Guest:

With over 20 Years of experience in the area of pharmaceutical compounding,

Dr. Sharzad Green has been a pioneer in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), sexual dysfunction, adrenal fatigue & nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Green is passionate about teaching other pharmacists and healthcare providers through individual or group courses. Additionally, She started seeing patients for private self-paid consultations 20 years ago. Over 15,000 patients have benefited from her services. Then, Dr. Green’s teaching for other healthcare providers has been ongoing for 15 plus years.

In conclusion, She is passionate about physical and mental health, quality of life and integrative medicine. Above all, She is an entrepreneur and the creator of FabuVag® vaginal moisturizer. FabuVag® is all-natural, no RX required and formulated based on studies. DM her for wholesale pricing. At

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