LYL PODCAST EPISODE 035: The Power of Pleasure with Julia Lally

The Power of Pleasure by Dr Michelle Gordon

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People still consider the female orgasm and the power of feminine pleasure taboo, in addition to menopause. Moreover, There is so much to know and learn here because it can transform a woman’s life, whether you are going through your menopause or not.

In this episode, Julia Lally, The Pleasure Witch, talks about how pleasure can be used to empower women in so many ways. She also shared with us how women should not be afraid or ashamed to choose to put their pleasure on top of their priority list.

If you are someone who thinks that you have put your self-happiness aside and want to take back your life then this episode is perfect for you!


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What’s Discussed In This Episode

[08:11] Why did she pick the moniker witch?

[17:07] Why does rage play a big role in this?

[25:09] What is a normal sex life?

[31:42] Are we really supposed to be monogamous?

[36:59] How will this help women going through menopause?

[43:39] How does this help women who are victims of rape?

[45:41] How do you reconcile spirituality as part of this practice?

[56:31] What is the most practical tip to help other women increase pleasure?

About Our Guest:

Julia Lally, The Pleasure Witch, is a renowned sex coach who is based in London. Julia started out as many women do, taking care of her family. After several years of doing the same thing, she felt empty inside and out. As she was struggling to find a way to her true happiness she realised that she had placed sex at the bottom of her list of priorities.

Someone introduced her to Orgasmic Meditation, a partner practice that involves feeling and lasts 15 minutes without any goals. This opened her eyes to so many opportunities. Julia Lally, now known as The Pleasure Witch, teaches what she learned after years of study and practice.

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