LYL PODCAST EPISODE 022: Transformational Mindset Shifting with Lindsay Durant

Transformational Mindset Shifting by Dr Michelle Gordon

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Everyone wants to change some part of their lives. The law of attraction tells us that we change the universe through our thoughts and desires. However, many people find themselves discontented with the results because they neglect the importance of mindset shifts. The law of attraction relies on ideas, so any significant change in your life requires an equivalently transformational change in your mindset.

During the week’s podcast, we’re joined by Lindsay Durant. Specifically, Lindsay is an expert in transformational mindset shifts. In addition, She is mentored by Bob Proctor, a world-class teacher on human potential. Lindsay helps individuals and companies achieve their goals by assisting them in making quantum leaps in performance. At the same time today, she shares her thoughts on the law of attraction and transformational mindset shifting.

Above all, Don’t miss this episode if you want to learn more about maximizing the law of attraction and the power of visualization.

Before anything else, Let’s go through a brief rundown of this episode:

(3:45) How Lindsay got into the personal development space

(5:04) Painless births

(6:47) The law of attraction and the law of vibrations

(7:34) How physics proves that everything consists of vibrations

(12:19) The material and mystical worlds

(13:23) How vibrations are selective

(14:39) Tuning to the frequency of our desires

(15:17) Focusing on the higher frequency emotions of joy and gratitude

(16:13) How emotions affect your DNA

(18:02) Lindsay talks about how visualizations allowed her to escape to her dream destination

(22:39) The law of attraction functions regardless of your beliefs

(27:12) Getting in touch with your emotions

(28:14) Lucid dreaming for problem-solving

(34:14) The importance of recognizing the beliefs handed down to us

(37:53) Ingrained thoughts make it hard to change behaviors.

(41:50) We are responsible for our reactions to other people’s behaviors.

(42:56) The difficulty of leaving abusive relationships

(45:49) Techniques to change behavior

(46:16) Constant spaced repetition

(48:03) Hitting the deepest parts of the brain when changing habits

(54:06) Fighting self-defeating thoughts

(55:27) Visualization exercise

(1:01:06) Keeping a gratitude journal

In detail with the theme of changing mindsets, Lindsay recommends The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, a book by Michael Singer. Follow her Facebook community at Move Into Results. You may also find Lindsay Durant on Facebook.

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Lastly, I hope you learned a lot today about transformational mindset shifts, and I hope that you use the techniques here to change your life for the better. Thanks for tuning in!

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